Christmas Wreaths

Stop 1

Triple K Pines Farms
15217 Hemmingsen Road, Union
Country Crafts

Stop 2

Pace Property
17711 O'Cock Road, Union
Ohana Farms Marengo

Stop 3

Ohana Farms
3511 Millstream Road, Marengo
Holiday Plates and Gifts

Stop 4

Yerk Property
817 N. Taylor Street, Marengo
Gburek Property Marengo

Stop 5

(Rear) 132 E Prairie Street Marengo at Municipal Drive
Marengo United Methodist Church

Stop 6

Marengo United Methodist Church
119 E. Washington Street, Marengo
Focused on Memories

Stop 7

Marengo Emporium
207 S. State Street, Marengo
Church Bazaar

Stop 8

First Presbyterian Church
203 W. Washington Street, Marengo
Pat Gibbons and Kathy Close

Stop 9

Waynes County Market Building
801 W. Grant Highway, Marengo
Sweet Pea Chocolates

Stop 10

Hubbs Greenhouse & Nursery
1003 E. Grant Highway, Marengo
Olivia Charles Collection

Stop 11

The Carmichael Building
1008 E. Grant Highway, Marengo
Denise Kleven Christmas Decor

Stop 12

Daydream Tanning Building
20016 E. Grant Highway, Marengo

Stop 13

Peters Property
905 Randall Court, Marengo
Neel and Candy Kintz

Stop 14

Kintz Property
21422 W. Coral Road, Marengo

Stop 15

Camp Property
5218 N Union Road, Union